Vitamin D3 (1000IU) 120 Soft gels


With over 50% of the population deficient in vitamin D, it’s one of the most observed deficiencies in the western world. We absorb a lot of vitamin D from the sun. We synthesis only 15 minutes of direct sunlight at any one time. Any more than 15 minutes we then start to damage the skin. So we advise only applying sunblock or skin cream after the first 15 minutes of direct sunlight.

You can obtain vitamin D from food but only in small doses, not enough to make a significant impact. You can also take an oral supplement, spray or get injections from your GP.

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Nordic Vitamin D3 helps support your bone, mood, and immune health needs, with the form of vitamin D your body naturally makes from sunlight, all in a single, mini-sized daily serving.

– 1000 IU Vitamin D3.
– Supports healthy bones, mood, and immune system function.
– Delicious natural orange flavour.
– Easy-to-swallow, mini soft gel.


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