Life Extension Super Omega- 3 (120 softgels)


Fish oils are one of the most beneficial supplements to help optimal health. Fish oils are actually considered a nutraceutical rather than a supplement.  Little known fact. Pharmaceuticals tried to patten fish oils so they were only available to you through a prescription because they realised how beneficial they are to our health. Fortunately, this never happened and they’re still available to buy online or on the high street.   

Fish oils have a whole host of benefits that could vastly improve your health. 

  •  They contain an anti- Inflammatory component which helps reduce any inflammation which can be caused by poor health or poor dietary habits.
  •  Because it contains high levels of Omega 3 more specifically the EPA & DHA it can improve mood state and wellbeing. It has also been shown to benefit those who suffer from low mood and depression.
  •  It can help facilitate weight loss. It’s important to note that in order for this to work effectively you will have to be following a calorie controlled diet which involves regular exercise.
  •  There is also research to suggest it can help improve strength and size gains. Having a good, clean fish oil like Nordic Naturals it can help with MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) Which in turn can help you build more strength and size.


EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Extract
Molecularly Distilled
Advanced Omega-3 Combination
Dietary Supplement
IFOS – 5-Star Rating

The health benefits of eating cold-water fish are robust, yet concerns remain about contaminants found in wild and farm-raised fish. This should not stop consumers from including fish in their diet, as the longevity advantages of consuming cold-water fish instead of foods like beef are substantial. A recent study found that even vegetarians that include some fish in their diet fare better than strict vegetarians.


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