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Revealed –”Three muscle building tactics, that trick the most reluctant parts of your body into fast spurts of lean, solid muscle …”

Revealed –”Three muscle building tactics, that trick the most reluctant parts of your body into fast spurts of lean, solid muscle” …

how to increase muscle mass by 71%

The Ultimate Muscle Building Template

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought DAMMMM?

Well, that was me about 11 years ago. It was Afghanistan in 2008 we were on a six-month deployment. The picture in question was taken by a friend of mine who clearly papped me. I couldn’t believe it was me. I had to double take. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I must be mistaken. NOPE! It was me alright.

When I first took a look at this picture my jaw dropped. I thought I was in pretty good shape. I mean I could run fast, I could speed march over mountains and rough terrain with a lot of weight on my back, I could bang out pull ups and push ups for fun, and often did when we had a spare 5-10 minutes to kill.

So in my mind. I was in shape. But when I saw that photo, I knew I had to turn things around and quick, because I didn’t like what I saw.

How to increase muscle mass by 71%

At the time, I had no idea what I was going to do, other than to hit the gym and lift things that were heavy, repeatedly, lots of times. I must admit, I was pretty shocked, excited and dumfound by the difference I had made, in just eight weeks.

I had no idea what exercises to do, I would often just look at what the other guys in the gym were doing. I would try and hit as many machines and exercises as possible. Half the time I knew I had been in the gym, but it didn’t really feel like I had achieved anything.

I didn’t know how to break things down. What body part to focus on and how to really hit that muscle group. I also knew nothing about diet. You ate what you could when you could. Being on deployment in Afghanistan you didn’t have the luxury of choice. You simply ate what was in front of you.

At the time I knew it wasn’t about getting a physique like Arnie back in his Mr Olympia days. Realistically it would have been impractical with all the kit we had to wear and having to move across rough terrain, I had to remain nimble.

I had met some beefed up guys in the past and watching them trying to move quickly was like watching the scene out of Jumanji when the rhino is the last animal to run by.

But here’s the thing. I can see the appeal. You want to feel confident. You don’t want to feel embarrassed about how you look and lower your self-esteem. Guys want to feel as confident naked as women do. FACT!

Here’s another thing. Women dig that too.

It’s a fact. Girls love to snuggle into a big chest with a big pair of arms wrapped around them like a blanket.

Rather than trying to get comfy lying next to a stick insect, getting poked in the ear with your tin ribs, trying to wrap your long noodle arms around her. Giving her as much coverage as a shoelace.


Now before you read on. I just want to remind you that I was that skinny out of shape guy who’s definition was compared to a toothpick. So don’t think I am hating on you.

Over the last eight years, I have tried so many different programs. Some were just plain boring with no variation. Some had no form of progression, so you ended up feeling like you’d hit a plateau.

The programs I followed didn’t offer me any exercise variation so I couldn’t work on the weaker areas or areas I was prone to injury. You repeated the same workouts week in week out. At times I would cut my workouts short and walk out of the gym because I kept thinking it was pointless and that I had spent enough time there.

At times I didn’t even want to be there. I didn’t enjoy working out. At times it felt like I hadn’t achieved anything.

I had no idea how to progress. You basically smashed through a workout hitting rep after rep after rep until your body was fried out. I couldn’t see what I had been doing the week before, so I could compare. My body had also slowly stopped changing and I felt like I was in a rut

When you start to feel like this. It’s not long until two things start to happen.

1. You get exercise fatigue. Which basically means you get bored with the workout and with training.

2. You hit a plateau and get nowhere for months, which leaves you feeling frustrated and confused

Either way, the chances of you sticking to what you’ve been doing for the last few months is zero. It’s also quite likely you’re going to jack in training altogether, using the excuses of

“Weight training doesn’t work for me”

“I am a hard gainer”

But if you’re dedicated and persistent to get the results you deserve, you may go find another program or end up here. Reading about how muscle building tactics.

So with that being said. I have put together all that you need to know, at this point, to help set you on the right path to success.


When it comes to building muscle there are a lot of moving parts. I won’t be covering them all in this article so instead, I have stripped it right back, giving you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. What exercises are best to build muscle
Q. What rep ranges do I want to be aiming for
Q. How do you hit the recommended weekly volume



You want to be hitting the bigger movements first. Not just the standard squat, bench and deadlift. You want to include as many exercises you can do with a barbell. Incline barbell bench press, barbell shoulder press, barbell bent over row.

You also want to include exercises that involve your body weight like pull up’s and chin up’s. But if these are too much right now. There is no shame in using a machine or band to help you build up those pull ups and chin ups.

Want some solid advice? I would target these early on into your training week and hit moderate volume and intensity with them. The benefit to this is that you can move more weight, generate a lot of power and crank up the intensity earlier in the week. But be warned. They can be very demanding and taxing on the body, so make sure you give yourself enough recovery in between workouts.

Your central nervous system and recovery can often take a little longer especially at this early stage when your body is starting to adapt to multiple workouts. But don’t fret. Your body will adapt quickly. The key here is to optimise recovery.

As you progress through your workouts later in the week, your sole aim is to hit isolation exercises. Targeting the smaller muscle groups with exercises you can recover from quicker, which don’t leave you feeling all beat up and sore for your next session. The other thing about this method is you can focus on areas you feel are a little weaker.

You can also target these areas by using drop sets, rest pause, pyramid sets, giant sets and supersets.

This also allows you to hit the right amount of volume which ultimately makes all the difference.

So What Reps Do I Want To Be Aiming Towards?

When people ask this question, you can simply palm them off with the answer of, “however many can you do”. The real question isn’t just about reps but overall volume. One misconception to building muscle is that you have to hit all the reps! This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

When we’re talking reps, we’re not talking in the ’20-’30s.

We’re ideally wanting to aim for a minimum of 8 to 12 maxing out at 14-15 and in some instances up to 20. This is all dependant on your goal and where you place these reps in your training block.

I like to aim for consistent numbers. There might be an exception to this when using a different training method like drop sets, rest pause, reverse pyramids, giant sets and super sets.

You could hit higher reps there if you wish. It wouldn’t be a bad idea throwing one of those concepts into the mix. It will certainly add some variety and intensity. Which will stop you getting bored but also help create a stimulus for your body to adapt to.

The type of isolation exercises I mentioned would include more dumbbell work, cables, machines etc. You would still be using a moderate to heavy load, but nothing that could potentially screw you up like a heavy barbell exercise when you’re already fatigued and tired.

How Do You Hit The Recommended Weekly Volume?

Over the week you want to be aiming for roughly 12-18 sets per week for each large muscle group.


So with all that being said, what would this look like in a practical sense?


Chest Workout #1

A. Incline wide grip barbell bench press 3 x 8-12

B. Dumbbell flies 3 x 8-12

C. Flat wide grip barbell bench press 3 x 8-12

D. Barbell shoulder press 3 x 8-12

E. Barbell Skull crushers 3 x 8-12

The aim of this first workout is to really max out on the heavy stuff first, so you can allow your body to recover before hitting it again. Normally you want to allow 2-3 days between workouts

Notice this workout focuses on the exercises that require a lot of stabilising. You’re better to hit these at the beginning of the week when you’re fresh, as opposed to later in the week when you could potentially still feel a bit sore and fatigued.


A. Low incline DB press 3 x 8- 12

B. Cable flies 3 x 8-12

C. Seated dumbbell shoulder press 3 x 8-12

D. Dumbbell front raises 3 x 8-12

E. Cable tricep push down 3 x 8-12


Those particular workouts would typically bring me up to 24 sets per week splitting between chest and shoulders. I would replicate the same method for all other major muscle groups. A study by James Krieger and Brad Schoenfeld found doing 2-9 weekly sets was not quite hitting the thresholds to building muscle.

What they did find, was if sets were increased from 2-9 weekly sets up to 12-18 weekly sets there was a 71% increase in hypertrophy. (building muscle)

That is one heck of a jump. So start looking at your training program with the mindset of targeting volume initially, then assess the weights used. Forget trying to hit PB’s and lifting as much as possible on every exercise. You need to drop the ego and trust the process.

I would recommend you structure your training plan so that it allows you to focus mainly on your bigger muscle groups like a Push, Pull, Legs, then later in the week adding in two extra sessions of a push split which targets the larger chest and shoulder muscles as well as quads, calves and core. You would do the same with a pull split. Which targets your back, shoulders and hamstrings. This is a perfect time to nail a technique or work an area you feel is lagging. Also. This way you’re getting two workouts per week which pushes your overall weekly volume up to help target the larger muscle groups.

Your first leg day ideally wants to split the large muscle groups like quads and hamstrings. Making sure both muscle groups are hit evenly. Alternatively, and if you have time to do so. Hit each muscle groups on legs separately. This may require two training days for legs. There is no hard and fast rule to this. For me personally, I prefer the push and pull splits so I can focus on getting the right volume in for each muscle group and be able to recover optimally between workouts.

There is also something else that needs pointing out. At some point, your body will stop adapting to the level of volume you’ve been hitting. Your body will eventually slow down because it has adapted to that stimulus. This is where people start to plateau. So instead of trying to smash through it, train smarter not harder by adding in a De-load week.


This allows you to take it down a notch. Allowing your entire body to ease off and take a break before putting your foot down again. You ask any professional weight lifter, power-lifter and bodybuilding if they use a recovery or de-load week and I can guarantee the ones who are most successful in their sport will say yes.  So if’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for you.

The way I use a de-load week is every fourth or five week. I half the reps used in week one and do 2-3 sets. This keeps the wheels greased but also gives your body enough time to adjust and recover before hitting the next training phase.

So there you have it. Three proven muscle building tactics you can use without it taking up more time in the gym whilst helping you increase your chances of adding some serious muscle to your frame by 71% in only 4-8 weeks.

If you have enjoyed this short article and found it useful. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share it with someone else who would benefit from it. Any questions, just comment below.

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Written By Stephen
Founder and Creator of TRII Supplements